WordPress Nuts & Bolts


Whether you’re new to blogging, or are transferring from a different blog platform, learning a new environment can be daunting. This Nuts & Bolts course gives you the fundamentals of WordPress using the Editor user role. When complete, you will be familiar with all of the core menus and functions of WordPress. You will also create your first pages and posts with ease. Along the way, use the quizzes and the class forum to reinforce your learning and support each other with questions, observations and ideas.

This course is included as a part of all new site setups and transfers for all Integrant Services customers!

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Core Concepts

  • Understanding the WordPress interface
  • Creating pages & posts
  • Media management
  • Embedding external videos
  • Managing comments

Course Features

  • Written step-by-step instructions
  • Step-by-step videos
  • Quizzes
  • Suggested Assignments
  • Private group & forum

Go Lifetime!

Social Media platforms are constantly changing. What you knew a month ago might not be accurate now! That’s why we offer a lifetime-access option for all of our Nuts & Bolts courses. Here’s why you should go lifetime:

  • Access to the forums and groups – forever. Learn as more people join and keep up with questions, concerns, conversations and ideas to help your business.
  • Access to updated training content – forever. We will keep all of our Nuts & Bolts training up to date, and you’ll get notified when training content is updated. Keeping up with changes in this way keeps you from being overwhelmed and having to plan a major overhaul of anything.