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Learn through PDFs, Workbooks & Videos, then check your knowledge with skill checks and quizzes. Finally, implement using checklists.


Learn from your instructors, and the community! Each class has exclusive forums and groups. Discuss, Ask, Share, Brainstorm…


Courses are typically available for 3 months. Lifetime access packages available.

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I am so glad you offer this training. I have already learned a few tips and tricks just in the first 3 units and I look forward to learning even more as I progress through the training.

Thanks again for adding yet another VALUABLE service to your repertoire!


Owner, Stamp With Me KZB

We’re excited to add your class recommendations and testimonials here. That’s why we’ll be asking for a course review, and will take each comment and suggestion to heart! Nicole

Owner, Integrant Services


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Brian Watt

Brian Watt

Owner / Instructor

Nicole Watt

Nicole Watt

Owner / Instructor

Learn From People Committed To Your Success

Like you, web experts Brian and Nicole Watt want a business and Internet presence that makes money. They understand that websites and other social sites are the foundation to any modern business. But, how do you reach that money-making Internet pie-in-the-sky? Is it a great design? Is it killer content? Is it rock-solid SEO? Is it all of the above (and more)?

Their burgeoning business, Integrant Services, along with their online training site, seeks to answer those questions and help you put the answers into action. With over 30 years of combined experience in various parts of the IT field, Brian and Nicole established Integrant Services in late 2014, and now, with the desire to enable technology for Small Businesses and Direct Sales owners.

Online learning shouldn’t be one-way. There are so many opportunities to collaborate and learn from a like-minded community, and this is where you can do it!

Not only will you have videos, workbooks and quizzes to help you implement what you learn, you’ll also have implementation plans and an entire private community of business owners going through this journey with you.

There’s no way we were going to start and end with a PowerPoint presentation and a voice-over. There’s way more that we could offer! In a nutshell, all of our training includes webinars, videos, workbooks, implementation plans, and a private community so you can get the most out of what you learn.

Our goal is to make this the LAST training you need to take for any of the classes you enroll in.

People = Ideas. It’s that simple. You will learn a lot from us, but you’ll learn even more by reaching out to your classmates with questions, and sharing experiences. Imagine a private forum and social place where you can search for answers, post questions, and get feedback from people you wouldn’t normally have access to.

That’s what you’ll have here!

Each individual class we create has two purchase options: 90-day access, or LIFETIME access. Additionally, when you enroll in a class series (such as a level like the Nuts & Bolts series, or a tower like the Pinterest series) you become a subscriber FOR LIFE! 

Lifetime subscriptions mean you’ll have access to updated information as each class is updated, and you’ll always be able to lean on the private community as your business matures, and technology changes.

Platinum Maintenance Package subscribers at Integrant Services get access to almost all of our training for FREE while they are active maintenance package subscribers.

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